Introduction – Course Breakdown

Introduction – Course Breakdown

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Course Breakdown

  • 4 Hour CCW Renewal Course – Good for Fresno County Sheriff’s Department ONLY
  • Live-fire qualification to be done at The Firing Line in Clovis, CA
  • Course will be broken down into 7 sections
  • Student must complete each section, section quizzes, and final exam at the end of the course.
  • Student may stop at any time, and come back to course at any time.
  • Student will have 30 days to start, finish, and print certificate of completion
  • Certificate of completion for this course is good for 30 days
  • Certificate of completion must be presented at The Firing Line when coming to complete live-fire qualification.
  • Students will not be able to reprint certificate after 30 days has expired.

The live-fire qualification must be done at The Firing Line in Clovis, CA.  You must qualify with all of the firearms you want to put on your permit. Fresno county has no limit on how many guns you may list on your CCW permit.

The minimum course of fire is:
12 rounds fired at 3 yards.
12 rounds fired at 7 yards.
12 rounds fired at 10 yards.

You will shoot a minimum of 36 rounds, but if you are listing more than 4 firearms, your course of fire will be amended accordingly. You are required to shoot at least one magazine or cylinder out of each of your firearms that totals at least 36 rounds. THIS IS NOT 36 ROUNDS PER FIREARM, IT IS 36 IN TOTAL. Doing the minimum course of fire, your target should have 36 holes in it when it is scored.

Course of Fire

  • Live-fire course can be completed during regular business hours at The Firing Line
  • Student will need to shoot all the guns that they wish to keep, or add, onto their renewed CCW permit, one magazine or cylinder minimum
  • Live-fire exercise consists of minimum 36 rounds:
    • 12 rounds fired at 3 yards
    • 12 rounds fired at 7 yards
    • 12 rounds fired at 10 yards
    • 36 rounds are combined amongst all guns on CCW permit, no limit of number of firearms. If applicant is shooting 5 or more guns, course of fire will be amended over 36 rounds.

Course Goal

Course Goal - TO teach the basic skills, knowledge, and attitude necessary for owning, carrying

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